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Launch Out Into the Deep of God's Word

This weekend I went snorkeling with my friend, Scott, on a large lake near town.  I've never snorkeled before but it was a warm beautiful day and the water was cool, refreshing and inviting.  I strapped on fins, goggles and a snorkel and launched out into the shallow waters along the water's edge.  After some spitting and snorting and swallowing some of the lake's finest blueish-green water I finally got the hang of it.  Once submerged the world melted away and it was just me, the waves, a tree stump here and there, and tiny fish darting in and out of small coves of rocks.  I loved exploring and wondering what was just ahead of me around the bend of the lakeshore.
After awhile Scott and I took a break on his boat and he asked me if I was ready to free dive.  I learned free diving is when you hold your breath and go down as deep as you can.  I was nervous but wasn't going to let that stop me from trying.
He showed me how to breathe to fill my lungs to capacity and afte…

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