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You Might be Worshiping an Idol if...

Recently I made a couple comments/observations about Superbowl 2018 between the Patriots and the Eagles.

My inspiration for this one came after I watched some short video clips of Eagles fans reacting to making it to the Superbowl.  Some were screaming, others shouting and running all through the house, a few were even crying tears of joy.  For one man, the house was too small to contain his joy, so in the dead of winter he ran out to his backyard pool and jumped in, clothes and all.
Now before you accuse me of hating on those with team spirit, let me say I think it is great to see people having fun and enjoying sports, even the ones I referred too here.  I've jumped up and hooped and hollered with the best of them for the Texas Longhorns many a time.  My comment is referring to the basic fundamental nature of man: he was made to worship.  And if he refuses to glorify his Creator, this world gladly offers many counterfeit substitutes for him to worship instead.
Then a few days la…

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