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Identity Matters

Identity is so important.  I believe true identity comes from our Creator. It's not something we make up or believe what our culture tells us. That's a recipe for confusion.  Without God, without a Moral Objective Reality, identity becomes subjective and very elusive.  You were biologically born a male or female of a certain skin color. Erase God, and identity, on any level, is reduced to a matter of personal opinion based on individual feelings.  Why stop there? Without a clear objective standard of truth and reality then the definition of marriage is also up for grabs. Men marry men, women marry women.  Why stop with one? The more the merry, right? Better include your kin too. Marry your brother, sister, mother.  Why stop with humans? Marry that faithful companion the dog, or your computer that you sit in front of with your hands always on it, or your blow up doll, or online avatar, or skip it all and tie the knot with yourself. You laugh but it's happening.  The age 18 …

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