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I'm Just a Sinner Saved by Grace. A Devilish Lie from Hell.

I cringe when I hear people exclaim, "Well, I'm just a sinner saved by grace." I can never let it go anymore. I am compelled to speak up. That statement is devilishly WRONG. And by devilishly I mean it has a look, or hint of truth but the application is deadly.  That statement is declaring your B.C. (Before Christ) identity not your NOW status before Christ. You WERE a sinner but by the grace of God and the finish work of Christ on the cross you're NOW a saint! Your identity, when you say, "I am..." is not what the world says, or what you feel, it's who God says you are. Whenever the Apostle Paul addressed his audience, he repeatedly said "To the saints in Corinth... To the saints in Ephesus...To the saints that are in Rome." He never said to the sinning servants! Or to the sinners saved by grace. He addressed them by who they had become and were, not by their past identity before Christ. You were a sinner BUT NOW you have been justified, dec…

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