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Immigration, Christianity, the Media and You

This morning my wife and I got into, how shall I say it, a lively conversation about how illegal immigrants seeking political asylum are being handled and processed when apprehended at the U.S. border, and specifically, the inhumane conditions and treatments that we see from the recent barrage of mass media photos and videos.  It may be applicable to note for those who don't know us that she's Mexican and I'm a Gringo.

And my Facebook friends can't be more diametrically opposed on this issue.  Here are some quote excerpts from my Facebook newsfeeds right now.  They're from the Left and Right and most are professing Christians. I have purposely not included their names.
What it all boils down to is Trump is stirring his racist base up because the midterm elections are coming up.No one wants to hear it but, 1) It has been going on for YEARS 2) No children are being harmed or treated inhumanely.
It is pure hype and hysteria.The propaganda machine purposely works you in…

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