My Donkey King Days are Over!

It is fascinating how Saul, the first King of Israel, was discovered and appointed to be king (1 Sam 9). He was sent out by his father to search for some missing donkeys but to no avail, so he decides to ask the local Prophet, Samuel, where his donkeys may be. When he asks the Prophet, Samuel tells him his donkeys have already been found and God has chosen you to be the first king over the nation of Israel. So Saul starts out his week looking for donkeys and finds a Kingdom instead. It often seems my life is like Saul's but only in reverse: I'm looking for a kingdom of my own and am only finding donkeys. Why is it that I seem to always fall short of the big picture for my life? That the greatest accomplishments and goals always seem to be just on the other side of the horizon? Ever feel that way yourself? Learn from Saul, my friend. Take care of today and let God take care of tomorrow. If you remain faithful in the small things God will enlarge your capacity for greatness. Just as he had arranged a Divine appointment with the Prophet Samuel so He will orchestrate Divine appointments in your life. Go ahead, look for those donkeys, those day to day, sometimes mundane duties that carry little excitement. Do them with all your heart as unto the Lord and one day when you least expect it, your surprise will be in the timing not the event, your donkey duty will turn in to a Kingdom Connection.


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